Beyond Car Audio System Sales: Take Advantage of Our Auto Alarm Installation Service!

Audio 808 specializes in car audio system sales and installation, and we help our clients create the world-class sound system they’ve been dreaming of. But we don’t just stop there!  We know that enjoying excellent audio quality isn’t the only important thing in this world, which is why we also encourage our clients to install car alarms.

If you’ve just recently bought a brand-new, late-model vehicle, it most likely has a built-in car alarm system. However, if your car is several years old, it probably lacks this feature. There’s no need to worry, though, since you can always take advantage of our auto alarm installation services in Aiea, HI. Buying and installing a car alarm might seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, but it’s actually worth every penny since it can help prevent burglaries and keep your vehicle more secure.

Choosing the Right Car Alarm

Car alarms are available in many makes and models. Because of this, you take the time to find an alarm that suits your needs and budget. You can make your search easier by taking note of these factors:

  • Alarm activation method — If you have an active car alarm, you need to press a button to activate it. If you have a passive car alarm, meanwhile, you don’t really have to do anything since the alarm automatically activates itself when the ignition is turned off and the last car door is closed. If you tend to be forgetful, consider installing passive car alarm to ensure that your car is always be protected. Another good thing about passive alarms: you might be eligible for a car insurance discount if you install them in your car! Ask your insurer if they have this offer.

  • Audible vs. silent — Audible alarms will automatically honk the horn and make the vehicle’s lights flash when an intruder tries to break into the car. Silent alarms, on the other hand, won’t do these things, but they will inform you about the potential break-in through a mobile phone notification. You can then show this notification to the police so they can catch the would-be burglar.

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If you’ve decided to install a car alarm, get in touch with Audio 808 and we’ll take care of the installation process. Call us now at (808) 868-5406! You can also inquire about our car audio system sales and other solutions in Aiea, HI.