Want to Upgrade Your 1970’s Sound System?

What Components Do You Need for a Car Audio System?

You will need quite a few components for a

car audio system

, although you can consider a few basic ones that will suit your needs. One of the most important parts of your system will be the speakers you choose, you will need to find some which work with your vehicle and are able to produce the sound quality you are looking for. You should also consider a receiver or


unit that will act as a central component


your audio system.

There are additional stereo system components you will often need like crossover devices, subwoofer, and an amplifier. A car audio system is either built into or installed in a vehicle. One of the biggest components of this kind of system is the speakers. Which is why you need to look for speakers which will be able to fit into the areas allotted for them in your car unless you are willing to make physical alterations to your vehicle in order to accommodate them.

There are various speakers available today, that include midrange speakers, these produce a medium pitch, and tweeters, which produce more high-pitched sounds. You should consider also where your speakers are going to be placed in your


, such as rear, front, or center, some people looking for more volume will go with all three. The receiver is an important part of any

car audio system


While both terms are used interchangeably, a “receiver” basically means a device

which receives

a radio signal, and a “head unit” is the central control system which may or may not receive radio broadcasts. You need to make sure you choose a head unit or receiver that has a power output which matches the speakers. Some of the more sophisticated head units will come with a control console that is placed in the cabin of a vehicle, while further controls and media input will be found in the trunk.

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