What Is Included in a Car Audio System

Main Components of Car Stereo Equipment  

A car audio system is as important in a car to some people as the suspension, seats, or steering. However, cars do vary from model to model, and, so does the music equipment that is in them. The market is saturated with global and local manufacturers. Thus making the job all the more difficult for consumers. It is making it difficult for car drivers to choose the most suitable one when there are so many varieties in the likes of shape, size, system, and sound. Differentiation is often done on the basis of both cost and quality. Generally speaking, car stereo systems come with a head unit, the main speakers, optional amplifiers, and subwoofers that will produce superior sound output and the wiring that connects all of these items together.

The head unit is the heart of the entire system. The radio, cd, DVD, or mp3 player that is inserted in the dashboard will be the only place from where the system is controlled. There will be 2 main speakers in the front part of the car and two at the rear, by removing the speaker panel from the dashboard. Each main speaker will be further divided into two built parts, and one will be for the highs and the other only for the bass. The entire speaker set is termed a channel, and usually, a new head unit installation will come with new speakers insertion also.

Amplifiers are often added to provide some extra volume to the speakers. The further addition of sub-woofers or upgrading the cables will also be needed for this purpose. The most common use of amplifiers is to add more power to the sub-woofers. Subwoofers provide the deep bass that the small main speakers are unable to achieve.

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