Why Should Not DIY the Installation of Your Car Stereo System

Drive, Rock & Roll

For those of us trying to cut costs, the DIY option can be enticing. It seems to reason that attempting a task on your own will save money compared to hiring experts. Looking at the full price of a professionally installed car stereo system, however, suggests that this may not be the case.

There are three potential pitfalls to DIY automotive audio installation that you should be aware of.

Vehicle complexity. Automobiles and trucks are more sophisticated than ever before. With each new model, manufacturers make it increasingly difficult and occasionally impossible to replace their OEM equipment. First, it was little inconveniences that were easy to circumvent, but now a lot has to be considered like computer data, various car sensors, cameras, navigation, WiFi, microphones, noise reduction technology, active volume management, and who knows what more going through the stereos.

Tools. There are certain tools needed to safely remove the radio from the dashboard of a Ford or a European car. In order to get to the radio in some cars, you have to take out a large portion of the dashboard. Certain ones are secured with locking screws. Do you have panel poppers and other specialized equipment to disassemble a dashboard safely? Could we get a right-angle driver for those screws that are next to impossible to turn?

Insurance. Your automobile insurance policy most likely does not cover damage caused by poorly placed equipment. The insurance coverage covers skilled installers and the companies for which they work. A single crossed wire and the $150 you saved by installing it yourself could cost you thousands to repair a vehicle computer. Again, the professionals have resources to aid them in integrating your new product into the complicated environment of the vehicle’s electrical system so that these scenarios never occur.

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