We Don’t Just Sell Car Audio Accessories: We Install Backup Sensors, Too!

Audio 808 is known for supplying and installing high-quality car audio accessories in Aiea, HI. However, we don’t just offer speakers, amplifiers, and stereo decks — we provide backup sensors as well! If you want to have a smoother and safer parking experience, give us a call and we’ll help you select the right sensors for your vehicle!

What Backup Sensors Do

Many new drivers find it hard to park their cars properly. In fact, even experienced drivers have difficulties with this task as well, particularly those who are driving large vehicles. Fortunately, if you’re one of these folks, you can make parking a breeze by installing backup sensors in your car.

These sensors are designed to be “aware” of the environment around your vehicle, and they emit auditory alerts to warn you if there are any obstacles near your car. This means that, instead of craning your neck over your shoulder when parking your vehicle, you simply have to listen to your sensors and let them guide you to the right parking position.

Backup sensors can be standalone units, although they can also be hooked up to backup camera systems. If you decide to connect your backup sensors to your vehicle’s backup cameras, you’ll have the benefit of being able to see your car’s rear and receiving warnings if you’re about to hit a wall, a grocery cart, or another car.

Why You Should Trust Us

Plenty of companies supply and install backup sensors, so why should you decide to use our services? The answer is simple: we’re fully committed to quality and excellence! We supply only high-quality sensors from trusted manufacturers, and we use modern tools and techniques to properly install these sensors in your car and make sure they function as designed. When you get our help, you have the assurance that you’ll enjoy world-class services and get great value for money.

When it comes to backup sensors, Audio 808 is the right company to trust. Dial (808) 868-5406 now to learn more about our car audio accessories and other products and services in Aiea, HI!

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