More About Our Car Audio Installation & Accessories Solutions

If you have decided to invest in a new car audio installation job, then your head is probably already spinning from all the auto audio accessories the market can offer these days. We, at Audio 808, are here to make your decisions easier! On this page, we will speak more about our professional services and explain the components of a good automotive audio system. Keep reading, and if there is anything you want to ask, please feel free to call our team in Aiea, HI straight away. They will be happy to help.

Head Units

At the heart of each system is a component that is typically referred to as a head unit. Some of us refer to this component as a radio or a stereo, which are both accurate terms but do not tell the whole story. This unit is designed to provide some type of audio signal and in most cases, it includes radio tuners. Modern units are integrated into infotainment systems, they have large LCD screens and capable of displaying navigation data, operating the climate controls, and perform other functions.


These are the second major component that every car system needs. While head units provide an audio signal, the amplifiers increase the power of this signal so it can physically move the speakers and create sound. While amplifiers can be present as an element of the head unit, nowadays, we see more and more separate power amps. Installing one of those will definitely give the boost to the sound quality you seek.


To complete the picture, you would need some speakers. Most car audio systems have at least four speakers. Their purpose is to receive the audio single from the amplifier and convert it into mechanical energy that causes a cone to move back and forth. This vibration displaces air, which creates the sound waves you hear.

To get the best possible sound out of your system, it is vital you pay attention to each of these three elements. There are many ways you can go about upgrading your existing system, but the best approach is to seek some help from an expert car audio installation technician. He will help you replace factory equipment with higher quality units at a reasonable price and ensure the job is done correctly.

We, at Audio 808, can offer you the following components: sound processors, equalizers, crossovers, satellite radio, HD radio, mobile hotspots, Bluetooth head units, and more. If you are interested in finding out more, come to our car audio installation shop in Aiea, HI today. Call (808) 868-5406 to book an appointment in advance.