Interested in a New Stereo Deck Installation?

Many people confuse stereos with head units, so we have taken the time to explain more about stereo systems, their components, and installation services. We hope this article is helpful when you are deciding to install a brand new stereo deck or just upgrade an existing system. Feel free to contact Audio 808 if you have questions. Our team in Aiea, HI will gladly answer them all.

A lot of jargon gets thrown around when you start talking about audio, and some of it can be very confusing. You may have heard about radios, stereos, head units, receivers, tuners, and more, and sometimes it seems like there is no sharp line drawn around any of them. Fortunately, this is something our technicians specialize in and can help you nail everything down. Here are some basics:

  • Car stereo – catches all term for both head units and car audio systems as a whole,

  • Head unit – another broad term that refers to any in-dash car stereo unit,

  • Receiver – a specific type of head unit that features a built-in amplifier,

  • Tuner – a specific type of head unit that does not feature a built-in amplifier,

  • Radio – catches all terms that refer to both receivers and tuners,

  • Controller – a type of head unit that does not include a radio tuner,

  • Mechless – a solid state head unit that locks a CD, DVD, or cassette player,

So, as you can see, car stereo refers to all the components of the vehicle’s audio system. The stereo deck or also known as the head unit or receiver is both the brain and heart of your system (as we already explained in one of our previous pages). When you decide to make an upgrade with an aftermarket product, it is very important to choose a device that matches your car’s specific requirements and fits your budget.

We, at Audio 808, offer excellent quality accessories for cars of all models and perform a complementary stereo deck installation service that will ensure the product fits perfectly in its place and is connected well to the rest of the components of the system. When you come to our workshop in Aiea, HI you can select from a list of products we know will fit or work with your car. You are also able to find universal devices, like subwoofers and amplifiers that can be installed in just about any motor vehicle.

Interested in finding out how much a new stereo deck installation service will cost you? If you want to discuss your preferences or just ask a question, our team is standing by for your calls. Reach us at (808) 868-5406 today.